What could be the benefits for ….?


Management of higher education institutions

More attractive HEIs via a developed internationalisation strategy, more professional HEI support staff, enhanced support networks:

  • background knowledge for better evidence-based decisions about internationalisation
  • an online service tool to help map, structure and plan institutional welcome services for PhDs and academics
  • onsite and/or online training for their professional development tailor-made on a basis of identified needs
  • cooperation with local/regional/international stakeholders


Administrative and support staff

Better defined competences, enhanced skills, professional community of service providers:

  • portfolio of support services for incoming international academic staff including good practice examples as an inspiration 
  • onsite and/or online training tailor-made based on identified needs
  • network of colleagues – professionals in internationalisation


Incoming PhD students and academics

  • Easy access to assistance before and during their stays


Staff at the receiving host department

  • Stronger welcoming environment to attract and retain international talents and raise the international prestige of their institution, less administrative workload.


Local/regional stakeholders

  • Increased opportunities for networking and collaboration.