In this project, six partners from five countries are joining their forces to work together to achieve those objectives, among them three universities, two mobility funding agencies and a European-level federation of national organisations supporting HE internationalisation.


SAIA, n. o. (Slovak Academic Information Agency), Slovakia

SAIA, n. o. has been dealing with international mobility of students, university teachers and researchers for already 30 years. It has been managing various national and international scholarship programmes, and has been a member of the umbrella organisation - the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) for almost 25 years. In addition, SAIA has been also the national coordinator of the EURAXESS network in Slovakia since 2004.


ACA (Academic Cooperation Association), Belgium

ACA is a European-level federation of national organisations supporting HE internationalisation, has high expertise in European policy issues, has produced analyses of HE internationalisation systems, papers, has been involved and coordinated many international projects, organises stakeholder meetings and seminars, and promotes European HE system internationally. Moreover, it has experience with auditing the level of HE internationalisation in the counties such as Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania.


NAWA - Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, Poland

NAWA, the Polish Agency for Academic Exchange, coordinates state activities in the field of internationalisation of Polish academic and research institutions. It supports international mobility of students, academics and researchers as well as the process of internationalisation of Polish HEIs and research institutions. Like SAIA, it is also an ACA member. It awards scholarships and grants to individuals as well as to institutions. Among others, one of its programmes (Welcome to Poland) is aimed at increasing the institutions’ potential to receive people from abroad.


University of Nis, Serbia

University of Nis (UNIS) is a EURAXESS national coordinator in Serbia. The university experienced staff have formed and are responsible for their national EURAXESS centres serving researchers, teachers and PhD students in Serbia. UNIS has been granted an HR Excellence in Research award by the European Commission, which is the recognition of the efforts to endorse and implement the key principles of The European Charter & Code for Researchers. The staff members involved in the UniWelIS project have expertise in information technologies, having been in charge of development of new IT solutions, online promotion advice within the pan-European EURAXESS network and trainings for EURAXESS portals‘ administrators. They are also experts and on open access issues and HR Excellence in Research external evaluators.


Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria

Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ (SU) is the first university in Bulgaria established in 1888, and today is the largest and most prestigious educational and research centre in the country with an academic staff of 2000 lecturers and 22000 students in 107 specialties. The university is a EURAXESS national coordinator in Bulgaria and has been granted an HR Excellence in Research award by the European Commission. Staff from Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski“, have been involved in several EU funded projects (FP7 and Horizon 2020) focusing on  researchers‘ mobility obstacles, successful professional and social integration of the researchers into a new environment, intersectoral mobility and collaboration with business innovation sector and career development. 


Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia

Comenius University in Bratislava (CU) is a modern European university. In 2019 it was celebrating its 100th anniversary. It offers the widest selection of study programmes (over 800) at three levels, and several of these study programmes are the only ones of their kind offered in Slovakia. There is a wide range of areas of human knowledge to choose from when studying, be it in medicine, the humanities and social sciences, the natural sciences, mathematics, theology, and much more. Comenius University comprises thirteen faculties, with more than 22.000 students at all three levels of study, of which almost 20.000 are full time students. Studying at the oldest Slovak university enjoys popularity with international students – 3.000 students from more than 80 countries study at CU. Comenius University is also an important research institution, which participates in top-level research in a number of scientific disciplines. It is also a centre of hundreds of domestic and international science and research projects. The university is the home institution of 26 top-level research teams (out of a total of 54 at all Slovak universities). Comenius University is regularly ranked among the best universities in the world in global university rankings.