Strategic model welcome service framework


In order to address the obstacles identified in the initial analysis, the project aims to design a model welcome service framework proposing measures, services & activities higher education institutions could introduce to improve the management and implementation of assistance provided to incoming international PhD students and academic staff. This will include a collection of identified best practices for supporting international PhD students and academics and related good examples collected across Europe. The framework will also provide suggestions on how local and regional networking and collaboration can lead to developing joint activities.


The online UniWeLiS Explorer comprising a collection of 65 practices for supporting international PhD students, researchers and academics and facilitating work of support or managerial staff involved in internationalisation is fully READY now.

It covers 14 categories and comprises more than 150 good examples collected across Europe.  

You can browse the UniWeLiS Explorer as an anonymous user or you can register sending us a registration request at and build a custom improvement path by selecting best practices for your organisation.

You are most welcome to use it and share your feedback with us via a feedback form or at