• National dissemination workshops 

The workshops havel been held in Bulgaria, Poland and Serbia. Project outputs as well as pracital examples of the tools developed in the project were presented.

Target group: HE mangers (representing both academic and administrative management) and professional staff working in the area of HE internationalisation or research support, representatives of policy making bodies, authorities and other stakeholders with a capacity to contribute to creating a better environment for mobile PhD students and academics.  


  • EVENT - EAIE CONFERENCE 2022 IN BARCELONA, SPAIN (September 13-16, 2022)

      Join the session called INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT SERVICES: HOW TO PUT THE PUZZLE TOGETHER“ is taking place on September 16, 2022 (9:00-10:00 CET)


      The training was organised for HE managers responsible for international mobility and professional staff involved in assistance of incoming PhD students and academic staff. The main goal of the training was to analyse processes improving internalization of universities and find out how to set up them in welcoming international academics. Training was focused on different topics such as:

Global profile, Promotion and Visibility presented by ACA

Institutional welcome centre: strategic and practical consideration presented by SAIA, n.o.

LinkedIn Community building presented by SAIA, n.o.

Digital Welcome Centre presented by UNIS

Comprehensive approach to welcome services presented by NAWA

Intercultural Communication presented by UNIBA

Local partnerships presented by SU

Apart from trainings, the event included wide range of networking activities, intercultural quizz and Sofia University tour.